Feature film
genre: drama
lenght: 100′
director: Mario Masini
director of photography: Guido Bandini
editing: Guido Bandini
sound: L. Marco Lega
music: Isacco Favazza
production: VIVAIMAGO



James, a professor in crisis of inspiration for a book he is writing, finds a packet of letters under the bench in which, a few days before, the Stuttgart police found a beggar frozen up dead. They are all letters full of love and addressed to his wife in which Roland tells Lydia his life as a beggar and that of his street friends. The professor, impressed by the content of all those letters, involuntarily plunges into the couple’s life: Roland has had difficulty finding work. Lydia strongly encourages him, but in an excess of anger, she kicked him out of the house. So the man, wounded and disappointed by his feelings, ends up on the street and becomes a beggar. Meanwhile, Lydia, evicted from her apartment and forced into humble and underpaid jobs, learns from an old newspaper that her husband has been found frozen to death. The rich city of Stuttgart is the backdrop to two worlds so far apart: that of the beggars and that of the wealthy life of the professor who, meanwhile, thanks to his wife Anna begins to have scruples about whether or not to look for the woman to give her the letters. But by chance it will be Lydia herself to go to the professor and find Roland’s letters. James, fearing that the woman wants to commit suicide, looks for her in the city but will end up meeting Roland who is alive thanks to an exchange of personae. So the couple can finally meet again.